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Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Stock!

Hand made Tasmanian paper Stationary, Cards, Envelopes by R+D Paperworks
from the beautiful Golden Valley in Tasmania. Some lovely and unique products, hand made from
re-cycled Roseanne and Donna.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alfred Hernandez supplies his unique photographs to Meander Cottage Gallery.
He is a Photo Journalist...currently living in Sydney and has covered the Israel/Pallestine conflict
in the past....but returned to his first love....shooting from the hip!....with a Camera!!!
I LOVE Alfreds work - Steve Gould.
Sarah Lloyd also supplies her beautiful work...insects and birds MACRO!
Gina Linnemann supplies her Zen Doodles and Bridgette Boyce does some funky knitwear.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

….About Meander Cottage Gallery

Hello and welcome to Meander Cottage Gallery.

I started this Gallery in 2006, in my head and back in NSW.
It was my dream.
I moved to Tasmania in February 2007 and believe I have been called home.

The original idea was to give friends & family “Space” in which
To display their work and at the same time create an environment
around myself that I had always wanted. I admire un-cluttered spaces
    and clean lines.
 Having something beautiful/fascinating/disturbing to look at
   while in these spaces is a bonus. Which brings me to another interest and that  
                                                  is the “perception” of art.

I am fascinated by “what it is” about a painting or a photograph or a sculpture or a piece of pottery or jewellery that grabs the admirers’ attention and captivates them?
In a group of onlookers, you will invariably hear someone utter, “I don’t like it”. “I wouldn’t give you 2O cents for it.” …or “Anyone could have done that!”.
                                       Fairly unintelligent things to say because :

A: Nobody really cares if you like or dislike it?
B: Nobody is asking you for 20 cents for something you don’t like, and
C : Not just anyone but someone did it and they are the sole creator of whatever it is that your looking at….not a machine.

In the same group of onlookers, one or more people might find something totally captivating and they have to have it! They just want it….but what captivates one
observer does not have the same effect on another.

I am also influenced by” humour” in art and have always enjoyed the manipulation of photography and the depth or shallowness of feeling one can arouse in the observer.

I have heard people say that they really like a particular painting or photograph but would never own it because it doesn’t match their lounge?
What a strange perception!

There are many artists who are prolific with output but have nowhere to show their work.
 Meander Cottage Gallery has only limited space,  but I would like to be able to offer what space I have,  in order for them to show their work to a wider audience and become recognised for their efforts.

Provided the art matches my curtains!

The Tasmanian Aboriginal art on display here is totally unique as is my sister’s jewellery and my own photography. I believe there is nothing quite like it available to the public on the entire Island.
I hope people will come to the Gallery even for just something different to look at whilst they are touring Tasmania and the beautiful Meander Valley.

                                                                                                            Steve Gould